Another round of Super D Matsuri. That’s 2 for 2 so far for me. This time around it was a 2 day (and night) event. The drivers had a chance to drive all night long. Which was pretty neat and a pretty unique experience for me.

The gates for the event opened to the public on Saturday but we managed to get there Friday night so we can be there first thing. Since the track is practically in the middle of the desert and the event hadn’t started, all lights were off. Which gave me a great opportunity to visit the stars for one night. And I managed to get a small glimpse of the Milky Way.

Nelson over here had us covered when it came to being able to feed ourselves and not die in the middle of the desert.  I wouldn’t recommend a strict hot dog diet though.

Line em’ up. This event definitely had a great array of great looking cars. More than I’m used to seeing, at least in a strictly drifting event. There was however and overwhelmingly amount of underglow….which I’m completely on board with.

Apparently if you’re a popular or well known driver, this was the place to be. I mean….it is Naoki Nakamura we’re talking about. Adam LZ came all the way from Florida and brought along his beautiful cream 240sx.

Naoki’s warmup time seems to be much shorter than most. He gets up to 100% very quickly.

Being in a valley apparently we were very susceptible to dust devils. And one unlucky patreon of the event learned that the hard way.

Many drivers experienced the Nakamura effect, whether they expected it or not. But a tell tell sign of this effect is large black marks on the side of your door.

Other fine guests included Chelsea DeNofa from Formula D, Miki Takagi & Mitsuyoshi Nishio from team Pink Style, and the awesome chaps from Drift Team Animal Style.

Ryan Kado was also at the event with his Toyota ae86. For being very underpowered compared to most of the other drivers he was definitely showing off his skills.

That’s it for Super D Matsuri 2018. The sun was tough, sleeping in a tent without being able to shower was…a thing. All of my electronics batteries died when the real action started happening towards the end of the second day. But all in all I had fun. Can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully one day I will be able to drive at one of these events.